Top Games for Android Offline 2022


Despite the fact that in the gaming environment it is customary to laugh a little (not maliciously) at mobile gamers, there is no denying the fact that a smartphone, as an independent gaming platform, can offer many interesting original projects.

Both on the iOS and Android operating system, there are dozens and hundreds of games for different ages, skills, available time, cost and capabilities of the device itself - from banal walkers to full-fledged shooters, arcade games and a simulator.

In this material, we have collected for you the TOP 7 games for the Android operating system in various genres that can be played offline, that is, without registration, Internet connection and other actions that are not always necessary and convenient.

Launch and play!

Alto Odyssey

Top Games for Android Offline 2022

Alto Odyssey is a game unique in its atmosphere that will take your creation into a beautiful colorful fantasy world.

A balanced gameplay will not make you bored, but it will also allow you to relax, turning the game into an example of a high-quality game for a calm and measured pastime.

And believe me, you will definitely stop and take a couple of screen shots!

Friday the 13th

Top Games for Android Offline 2022

Friday the 13th is a game that will appeal to those who, even on ordinary trips, in line, or in any free moment, seek to tickle their nerves and reflect on solving problems.

Now the player will have to be not in the role of a victim, but in the role of Jason Vorhees himself, in order to complete more than 100 levels with ingenious traps, mines, policemen, but still with a touch of humor and the recommended age of "17 +".

The Room Series

Top Games for Android Offline 2022

This is a whole series of puzzle games in which you, as a player, will find yourself involved in various mystical and detective events.

You must consistently solve dozens of different mysteries that will eventually lead you to a certain discovery, and all this will have to be done in an appropriate setting and musical accompaniment.

Interesting, moderately difficult, atmospheric!

Grid Autosport

Top Games for Android Offline 2022

When it comes to such a popular genre as "racing simulator", especially on a mobile platform, it is impossible not to say about the cult game "Grid Autosport" with a truly huge fan community gathered from players from all over the world.

Realistic physics, beautiful graphics, a huge garage with more than 100 cars, dozens of tracks and an unsurpassed drive!

Dead Cells

Top Games for Android Offline 2022

Dead Cells is a chic roguelike platformer with familiar drawing and high-quality optimization for stable performance on devices of various capacities. Responsive controls and dynamic gameplay!


Top Games for Android Offline 2022

There are not many platformers, especially when they are really made with high quality.

"Grimvalor" is a compilation of excellent graphics, convenient controls, an interesting fantasy world in the spirit of dark fantasy and of course, importantly, an acceptable cost.


Top Games for Android Offline 2022

And our small selection ends with a game that has already bypassed all possible tops and ratings of the best puzzle platformer games with an easily recognizable atmosphere of a certain hopelessness - LIMBO.

This is not just a walker with a couple of tasks, but a full-fledged, deep and dark story that is told not with the help of numerous dialogues and sketches, but thanks to a thoughtful gameplay.

Players will literally feel the whole plot and finish drawing the missing fragments with the help of their imagination.