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The game "Cyberpunk 2077" has a huge arsenal of weapons, which allows you to actually change the mechanics of completing tasks depending on the type of each weapon.

One of the most interesting weapons that was shown to us back in 2013 at the first shots and the announcement of the game is Mantis Blades.

For the first time in the game itself, they are shown as part of the passage of the task "Eternal Sleep", when one of the agents of "Arasaka" chases Goro Takemura’s car.

Сyberpunk 2077: Mantis Blades

Where to buy «Mantis Blades»?

This is the easiest in terms of search, but more expensive in Eurodollars and in time. To buy "Blades", you can contact any local reaper, which are marked on the map with an icon with scissors.

To install the blades, you will need to purchase an implant in the "Hands" section, not to be confused with "Palms", since the blades are a drop-down forearm.

Blades occupy a single slot, and are incompatible with other weapons of this type.

And most importantly, the purchase of "Mantis Blades" requires an amount of 15350 Eurodollars and at least 20 "Reputation" levels. To collect such a budget and earn fame in the first stages of the game is extremely problematic.

Therefore, it is preferable to find the blades, and how to do this, we will tell you later.

Where to find "Mantis Blades"?

This option, in addition to saving money and time, is preferable because it does not require obtaining level 20 "Reputation", and you can get "Blades" at the beginning of the game by going through the dialogue and gaining access to the full map of "Night City".

Head to the "Corporations Square" in the center of the "Night City" and explore the alley to the left of the building with the neon sign "Night City".

Where to find Mantis Blades

We recommend that you save yourself before entering the task area, as some players are faced with the fact that the box, which will be discussed later, does not contain blades.

Save before entering the task Area

So, go to the alley and pay attention to the right side, where the box is highlighted, and there are "Mantis Blades", as well as the "Sandevistan implant: Tyger's Paw" and 1380 Eurodollars.

At the initial stages of the game, we do not recommend contacting a Cyberpsycho, since the enemy is really psychotic and can cut down with one blow. At least at level 9, we had it that way.

To install the blades, you will need to contact any reaper.

Mantis Blades - cyberpunk 2077