Cyberpunk 2077:  Gorilla Arms | Rare | Epic | Legendary


In Cyberpunk 2077, there are a huge number of implants that significantly increase the damage inflicted, including when using fists.

As part of the "Beat on the Brat" task, special attention should be paid to the "Gorilla Arms" implants.

The essence of these prostheses is to accumulate a charge with each attack, which can be converted into additional damage with a successful "powerful attack". The larger the accumulated charge, the more damage can be inflicted on the enemy.

How do I find "Gorilla Arms"? It's easy enough if you have Eddies.


Doctor Victor Vector

Rare Gorilla Arms

To get the "Rare Gorilla Arms", visit the well-known reaper Victor, who will sell and install them for you for a "symbolic" price – 15.250 Eurodollars.


To get "Epic Gorilla Arms " prostheses, you will need an amount of 25.250 Eurodollars and a reputation level of at least 25, and you can buy them from a Ripperdoc at Octavia's Clinic in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo


Legendary Gorilla Arms

To get "Legendary Gorilla Arms" prostheses, the minimum reputation level is 45, and the cost will be 100.250 Eurodollars. The right reaper can be found in the Downtown - City Center.