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The Walking Dead is a very good adventure game and it comes with a really impressive story that covers exciting ideas and incredible features. It’s designed to be very comprehensive, full of excitement and it always relies on great characters. That’s why we are here to talk about The Walking Dead characters and how immersive and important they really are to the story. The saga is very interesting and it certainly offers some cool ideas while still bringing in plenty of innovation.

Lee Everett

Lee Everett - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Lee is The Walking Dead protagonist and he was a history professor for a very long time. He taught for more than 6 years and he tried to look after the family business as well. However, he was convicted for murdering a state senator that actually slept with his wife. He is freed due to the apocalypse and he finds Clementine that he eventually takes under his care. Then they meet up with a group of survivors. Lee’s own personality and traits are all up to the player, so you can feel free to customize him the you want without any worries.

B Everett

B Everett - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

What we do know is that he is Lee’s brother and he assisted with the family business. He was also bullied when he was young. He is referred to multiple times, despite not being that much of an active presence in the game.


Clementine - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

She is the second main protagonist in The Walking Dead and she does a very good job at portraying just how tough a little girl can be. Despite her age, she is extremely mature and she works really hard to bring in a moral compass to the group when things are very challenging. She lost most of the people close to her, which is why she had to mature herself very fast. Not only does she learn how to fight a lot better, but Lee also takes good care of her and brings her a unique way to learn more values and important things in life. Then to make things even better, she has a firm belief that things will improve. However, she steps away from the group after a while because she sees that being in a group exposes her to more risks instead of bringing in any protection.

Andre Mitchell

Andre Mitchell - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Andre Mitchell is a character created specifically for the games and he is a part of season One. We do know that he was an officer at the Georgia State Patrol. He does appear in the first few episodes and they do encounter him early on. Initially Andre Mitchell wants to attack Lee and Clementine. That’s when they realize that they have a chance of survival together and they have to do the work in order to survive. It’s a rather immersive and unique process that really goes to show the true value provided with the entire process.

Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Hershel Greene is adapted from the comics. He has a farm outside Atlanta and he will help both Clementine and Lee when they arrive there. You get to learn more about him, the fact that he was a veterinarian at first. He has a very interesting way of interacting with the situation and he works really hard to try and help Lee and Clementine, despite the fact that they have a few mishaps here and there. We leave him kicking everyone out of the farm and making people not come back ever again.


Kenny - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Kenny is a main character in the game and he is the de-facto co lea-der of the Motel Survivors. He is known for having a very short temper and he doesn’t think things through, which can end up being a problem. What we do know however is that he is kind and selfless, and he always tries to find a sense of purpose in the world. He is a part of numerous adventures in the game. And since he is emotionally involved with the story events in the game, that really pursues the experience and it brings in front some exciting ideas to the table.

Kenny Jr.

Kenny Jr. - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Kenny Jr. is the son of Kenny and Katjaa and he lives in Fort Lauderdale, he is very boisterous and quite loud all the time, but then again he is also known for being very enthusiastic. This is exciting and it pushes the boundaries by bringing in something new and unique to the table every time. He is witted, fun and knows how to handle things to make them fun and interesting all the time. He appears in the first 2 seasons of the game. It’s interesting to see that you have multiple decisions, either you have him dead or reanimated in the game, which makes him a rather imposing presence considering that he is just a child.


Glenn - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

If you read the Walking Dead comics, you definitely know Glenn. He just appears in the first season of the game. He will explain a bit about his life, the fact that he was a pizza delivery boy before all of this started. The story for him in the first season is actually a lot of fun, and there are quite a lot of interesting things to know and pursue about him. To make things even better, we get to learn more about the pharmacy, the fact that he listens to the radio broadcasts and so on. Despite not having a major role, he does make a difference and he ends up taking Clementine’s walkie talkie.


Lilly - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Lilly is an antagonist, she appears in the first and fourth season. She is the daughter of Larry and she is also the leader of the Motel Survivors. She ends up killing group members and she is abandoned on the roadside. That really took its toll on her, and it ends up destroying her in many ways, which obviously becomes quite the issue early on. Considering what happened and the fact that she holds grudges, you can easily imagine that all of this is not going to end well. Which is why you need to try and eliminate this sense of fear and push the boundaries in a very creative and unique manner. It’s interesting to see how much she has come. She does end up close to killing Clementine. So she does have a conscience, despite the numerous grudges that she has.

Terry St. John

Terry St. John - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Terry St. John has a dairy farm in Macon and he is known for the fact that he was a great fisherman. The interesting thing is that he mostly see them as a part of memories, but he does make a difference since his story is one where walkers did end up attacking.

Andrew St. John

Andrew St. John - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Andrew St. John is an original character and he is a cannibal that hides his nature behind being a caring and kind person. Even if he does appear a very friendly person at first, he does end up attacking the group. You will have the option to either kill him or let him be. The interesting thing here is that you will see his transformation and you will shape the future of the game through your decision.

Danny St. John

Danny St. John - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Danny St. John is also an antagonist. He ends up luring survivors to his farm just to cook them into human meat and then have them traded as food for the bandits so they can have supplies and protections. He is very sadistic and he doesn’t just kill to survive. That really goes to show the incredible experience presented here, and the results themselves are quite challenging due to that.


Drew - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Drew is an antagonist for the first season and he is a part of the Save-Lots bandits which is quite interesting. What we do know about him is that he attacks the group and he ends up either killed by lee, although you might have Garry escape if you opt for that.Gary is another character connected to him, he is from the game group, and both Drew and Gary attack here, which is quite interesting. They do end up dying at the hands of one another or the group.


Christa - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Christa is a survivor and she does focus on taking great care of the group to ensure that everything is safe and they are happy. She loves Omid and she really wants to help the group. In fact, after Lee dies she does try to take his role and protect Clementine. She is known for the fact that she is very independent and she works really hard to show her powerful side, which really makes her very powerful but also a tad vulnerable at times. It’s still great to see this side of her, and you will be quite impressed with the experience.


Molly - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Molly is original to the games, she is a lone female survivor. Due to the fact that she is alone, she got to master things like melee combat, climbing, parkour and agility. She is rude and cocky, but if she trusts people, she will protect them. She was very focused on the idea of survival, and she did almost end up leaving the group after encountering them, closely getting killed by zombies in the process.


Clive - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Clive is a part of season one and he becomes an antagonist. The interesting thing is that he is a part of the cancer group movement and they do try to complete everything they can in order to survive. They become a part of the group, but they do end up with various problems, with medications being stolen from them and they do lack supplies.Joyce is also a part of the group and she is a part of the cancer support group in here.


Vince - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Vince is a part of the 400 days experience. He was initially convicted of shooting an unarmed man. Thankfully for him, he does end up escaping, and this triggers a new set of events. Which is great because we get to see one of his violent sides and the challenges can arise as he tries to integrate into a group. There are numerous in-game decisions in this situation, and you must handle this in a creative and unique manner.


Wyatt - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Wyatt has a great story because he does start getting chased and shot at by Nate. They do try to survive and you will have 2 different actions to take in order to decide his fate. He does end up becoming a part of the group and depending on your choice he will either stay at the camp or accept an offer to move on.


Bonnie - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Bonnie is also a part of the 400 days story and she is an antagonist. What we like about Bonnie is that she has a very deep story. She actually ends up helping Clementine’s group escape and she stays with them for a while.


Leland - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Leland is a deuteragonist and he tries to protect the group at all costs. There are a few decisions to make in regards to Leland, and we like the fact that he either stays behind or he has to leave with Bonnie, based on the situation.


Nate - The Walking Dead: Game Characters

Nate is an antagonist and he has a very unpredictable personality. That makes him really hard to understand, and the challenges that arise here are extremely difficult and quite complicated. He has a psychopathic behavior and he is very violent, but he also becomes very resourceful. He does end up trying to kill many of the group members.


The Walking Dead game comes with a huge range of characters and each one of them plays a very interesting role. It’s nice to see how everything comes together here, and you are certainly going to appreciate the experience and the process itself. It’s different and fun, exactly what you would expect in a game like this. Unpredictability is at every corner, and that’s what makes it so incredible.