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Genshin Impact – Xiangling: Builds, Weapons, Skills


Xiangling is a playable Pyro Character in Genshin Impact that uses a polearm.

Genshin Impact – Xiangling: builds, weapons, skills

Basic information

Character Type: damage.

Element: Pyro.

Weapon: Polearm.

Rarity: 4 stars ( high).

Character Tier: S (the highest).

Celebrity chef Li Yue. She has a passion for cooking, and her spicy dishes are known throughout Teiwat.

Wang Minh Restaurant's new chef. If she's not at the oven, she's serving food in the main hall. Her skills are best displayed in savory appetizers.

Despite her young age, Xiangling is already a master chef and her culinary masterpieces are highly regarded by the people of Mount Tigre.

If you are lucky enough to be invited by Xiangling to visit her restaurant, go without hesitation. A treat for your stomach is guaranteed.

Xiangling has dark blue indigo hair, from which she braids two braids and secures them to resemble panda ears. She also has two bows on her hair, with one on her "ears" and the other on the back of her head. Her eyes are a beautiful amber-gold shade, her skin is pale and her face is always smiling.

Xiangling is dressed in a brown bodysuit. On top of it she wears a cape that attaches behind her neck and belt and covers her entire back, with three ribbons, one in the front and two in the back. She also wears a gold belt with a red stone, in which she wears her companion, a red panda. On her belt she attaches a large red bow, one end of the bow is longer and has a large bell attached to it.

A red braided ribbon is tied on her left leg. She is wearing dark brown fingerless gloves with a gilded pattern and a red ribbon tied on her hands and the same dark brown shoes with a gilded pattern and two red bows. The shoes have a yellow and mustard toe and a small heel.

Genshin Impact – Xiangling: builds, weapons, skills

Best Build, Weapon

Xiangling uses Pyro and making powerful Elemental reactions. We recommend you to use her as a burst DMG hero.

Recommended Weapon.

The Best Artifact.

Artifact Stats, that we recommend to use:

  • CRIT Rate;
  • ATIK;
  • Elemental Mastery.

Best Team for Xiangling

Xiangling obtain a great power of element Pyro, which is very useful with Electro, Geo and Anemo heroes.

Best Team for Xiangling

Premium stack of heroes.

DPS: Xiangling.

Sub-DPS: Bennet.

Support: Rosaria.

Support: Sucrose.


  • Xiangling will act as a DPS dealing Pyro or Physical Attacks to enemies.
  • With Bennett, her attacks will be further boosted with resonance and buff from Burst.
  • Rosaria will spread Cryo enabling Pyro Xiangling to deal Melt DMG.
  • Sucrose will gather enemies and buff the team for faster clearing of enemies.

Ascension Materials for Xiangling


Materials for Level-up.

Enemy Drops: Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, Slime Concentrate.

Domain Drops: Teaching of Diligence, Guide To Diligence, Philosophies of Diligence.

Big Boss Drops: Dvalin’s Claw.


Ascension Materials for Xiangling

Passive talents.


Constellation Xiangling

Xiangling – Pros and Cons

Consider the positives and negatives of the character.


  • The character can be obtained for free, upon reaching rank 20 and passing the 3rd floor of the Abyss;
  • A lot of pyro damage;
  • Very powerful and handy elemental explosion;
  • Can buff allies on attack;
  • High attack speed.


  • Gob's pet doesn't change attack direction;
  • Requires the same stats as the main dd.
  • Xiang Ling easily fits into most groups at both low and high adventure ranks.

How to play

How to playXiangling

Playing as Xiangling the only difficulty you may encounter is positioning her pet Goba. It is advisable to choose the moment when the enemies are not going to move, but do not be too economical.

Burst, most of the time, we give up on rolls. The exception to this is when you want to team up with other characters' skills, like Xing Qiu's Elemental Explosion or Tartaglia's melee stance.