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Genshin Impact – Mona: Builds, Weapons, Skills


Mona is a playable Hydro Character in Genshin Impact that uses a Catalyst.

Genshin Impact – Mona: builds, weapons, skills

Basic information

Character Type: damage, support.

Element: Hydro.

Weapon: Catalyst.

Rarity: 5 stars (the highest).

Character Tier: S (the highest).

A mysterious young astrologer who presents herself as "the great astrologer Mona Megistus" and is in fact worthy of the title. Erudite and proud.

Although she is perpetually short of money and living a life of starvation, she resolutely refuses to use astrology to make money... And because of this determination, she constantly worries about tomorrow.

Mona is a young girl with fair skin, pale green eyes, and long black hair gathered in two ponytails. She wears a gold earring in the shape of a rose of the winds and hairpins of the same shape at the end of her ponytails.

Mona is dressed in a purple and black body with gold trim and purple fitted sleeves, black gloves, and a short purple cape with a red lining and black fur collar. She also wears black tights with a gold pattern around her right leg and a rump ornament on her left leg. A notable element of her costume is a wide-brimmed pointed hat, purple with a red lining, decorated with gold rhombuses, a rose of the winds, and a crescent moon.

Genshin Impact – Mona: builds, weapons, skills

Best Build, Weapon

Mona uses Hydro and making powerful Elemental reactions. We recommend you to use Mona as a burst DMG hero.

Recommended Weapon.

The Best Artifact.

Artifact Stats, that we recommend to use:

  • CRIT Rate;
  • ATIK;
  • Elemental Mastery.

Best Team for Mona

Mona obtain a great power of element Hydro, which is very useful with Electro, Geo and Anemo heroes.

Premium stack of heroes.

DPS: Mona.

Sub-DPS: Diluc.

Support: Ganyu.

Support: Bennet.


  • Mona's main role in this team comp is to start off an elemetal reaction chain. Starting with her Hydro, then next to Ganyu's Cryo, and finishing off with Diluc's Pyro.
  • Diluc will act more of as a finisher than a main DPS. Save his Elemental Skills for dealing either Vaporize or Melt for the most damage.
  • Ganyu is capable of applying Cryo to multiple enemies at once with her charged attacks. She'll act as an elemental combo proc rather than an on-field damage dealer.
  • Bennett can provide the team with an Attack buff and healing with his Elemental Burst.

Genshin Impact – Mona: builds, weapons, skills

Ascension Materials for Mona


Materials for Level-up.

Enemy Drops: Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, Energy Nectar.

Domain Drops: Teaching of Resistance, Guide To Resistance, Philosophies of Resistance.

Big Boss Drops: Ring of Boreas.


Genshin Impact – Mona: builds, weapons, skills

Passive talents.


Mona – Pros and Cons

Mona rightfully ranks among the top-ranked characters. Among the main advantages of this hero are:

·Increased movement speed with an alternate sprint to avoid dangerous attacks;

·Has a personal elemental phantom to distract opponents;

·Runs on the surface of water;

·Useful when pumping weapons, in that it sometimes (25%) gives back some of the materials spent on elevation;

·In combination with Mona you can trigger powerful elemental reactions with AoE damage.

However, the astrologer girl also has disadvantages:

·Low base defense;

·Severe HP deficiency;

·Excessive dynamism, which is not suitable for all players.

How to play

Genshin Impact – Mona: builds, weapons, skills

Firstly, Mona gives mobility that not all popular heroes have. Her phantoms will separate a squad from enemies, allowing you to do damage without missing a hit. When perfectly assembled in damage, you can create combinations with other attacking characters, or use the hero solely for Burst and Hydro status on enemies.