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Pavel Nedvěd is the idol of millions of football fans of the beginning of the 21st century. The left midfielder, originally from the Czech Republic, is remembered mainly for his great performance for Juventus, where he spent 8 years, replacing Zinedine Zidane, and won more than 10 club and individual awards.

In 2003, thanks to his phenomenal game, Nedvěd received the "Golden Ball" and broke many patterns of that time.

In total, this immensely talented football player has 554 official matches, in which he scored 121 goals and gave 70 assists.

Pavel Nedvěd is remembered not only for his excellent long-range goals and radio-controlled passes, but also for his dedication to the club. He remained at Juventus even after the scandal that demoted the club to the " Seria B "and was directly involved in the revival of Vecchia Signora and the club's exit to the"Seria A".

To this day, he works for the benefit of the club, holding the position of vice-president.

A great football player and a good person!

Note: The specified cost of assemblies is valid for 12.03.2021

Little Bear

Little Bear

The assembly is as simple as possible, so it does not make sense to comment on it separately. For example, what is in the photo is an assembly of unsold cards in the club. The same applies to the first two builds of bronze and silver players.



GK (ВРТ) – Roman Bürki (Bundesliga)

CB (ЦЗ) – Thorgan Hazard (Bundesliga) - LM

CB (ЦЗ) – Jonathan Tah (Bundesliga)

CB (ЦЗ) – Gianluigi Donnarumma (Serie A TIM) - GK

LM (ЛП) – Raphaël Guerreiro (Bundesliga)

CDM (ЦОП) – Axel Witsel (Bundesliga)

CAM (ЦАП) – Josip Ilicic (Serie A TIM) - CF

CDM (ЦОП) – Lucas Pezzini Leiva (Serie A TIM)

RM (ПП) – Arthur Henrique Ramos Oliveira Melo (Serie A TIM) - CM

ST (ФРВ) – Edin Džeko (Serie A TIM)

ST (ФРВ) – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Serie A TIM)

La Furia Ceca

La Furia Ceca

GK (ВРТ) – Wojciech Szczesny (Serie A TIM)

LB (ЛЗ) – Nicolás Tagliafico (Eredivisie (NED 1)

CB (ЦЗ) – Dušan Tadic (Eredivisie (NED 1) - CF

CB (ЦЗ) – Diego Godín (Serie A TIM)

RB (ПЗ) – Edin Džeko (Serie A TIM) - ST

LM (ЛП) – Éver Banega (MBS Pro League (SAU 1) - CM

CM (ЦП) – Luis Alberto Romero Alconchel (Serie A TIM) - CAM

CDM (ЦОП) – Fabián Ruiz Peña (Serie A TIM) - CM

CM (ЦП) – Gianluigi Donnarumma (Serie A TIM) - GK

RM (ПП) – Edin Višća (Süper Lig (TUR 1)

ST (ФРВ) – Ciro Immobile (Serie A TIM)

League Finesse

League Finesse

GK (ВРТ) – Wojciech Szczesny (Serie A TIM)

LB (ЛЗ) – Nicolás Tagliafico (Eredivisie (NED 1)

CB (ЦЗ) – Dušan Tadic (Eredivisie (NED 1) - CF

CB (ЦЗ) – Salvatore Sirigu (Serie A TIM) - GK

RB (ПЗ) – Josip Ilicic (Serie A TIM) - CF

CM (ЦП) – Charles Aránguiz (Bundesliga) - CDM

CM (ЦП) – Fabinho (Premier League) - CDM

CM (ЦП) – Keylor Navas (Ligue 1 Conforama) - GK

LW (ЛФА) – Filip Kostić (Bundesliga) - LM

ST (ФРВ) – Firmino (Premier League) - CF

RW (ПФА) – Ángel Di María (Ligue 1 Conforama)

87-Rated Squad

87-Rated Squad

GK (ВРТ) – Kevin Trapp (Bundesliga)

LB (ЛЗ) – Jan Oblak (LaLiga Santander) - GK

CB (ЦЗ) – Marc-André ter Stegen (LaLiga Santander) - GK

CB (ЦЗ) – Rui Pedro dos Santos Patrício (Premier League) - GK

RB (ПЗ) – Pizzi (Liga NOS (POR 1) - RM

LM (ЛП) – Filip Kostić (Bundesliga)

CM (ЦП) – Toni Kroos (LaLiga Santander)

CM (ЦП) – Éver Banega (MBS Pro League (SAU 1)

RM (ПП) – Edin Višća (Süper Lig (TUR 1)

ST (ФРВ) – Karim Benzema (LaLiga Santander) - CF

ST (ФРВ) – Edin Džeko (Serie A TIM)


So, the total cost of the build is a little more than 800,000 coins (on PS4), and the transfer cost of the card is more than 1,100,000 coins.

Not the most popular card, but for Juventus fans of the past years or players who collect lineups from the iconic players of the turn of the century, it is definitely worth considering the card Pavel Nedvěd with a rating of 92 in the position of left midfielder.