Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Top 10 best weapons and where to find them?


"Valhalla" differs significantly from the approach of the developers in "Origins" and "Odyssey" in terms of the selection of weapons arsenal, focusing not on quantity, but on quality and a variety of mechanics of its use.

In "Valhalla", there are relatively few weapons, and in fairness, in this game, the small arsenal went only to the plus, since it is the skills of owning them that play a crucial role here.

Eivor can carry one type of weapon in each hand or use a two-handed type of weapon arsenal, which creates a good space for creativity.

Choose a weapon should not only be based on your own style of combat, but also adapting to the surrounding environment and most importantly-to adapt to a specific enemy, of which there are plenty in" Valhalla".

Below we have selected for you some extremely interesting options that can be found in the vast world of the game "Assassin's Creed Valhalla".

Top 10 weapons in "Assassin's Creed Valhalla"

We will not be tied to terms and to the distribution of seats. Below, we tried to pick up 10 types of weapons from various categories that many players have already appreciated in the game.

«Sepulcher Axe»

Find the axe in Ledecestrescire, passing through the main storyline. Eivor had to find King Burgred in his hiding place in the forest. And it is in the room in which it is locked in the chest on the left that the "Sepulcher Axe" will be located.

"Sepulcher Axe" ignites for 5 seconds after each critical hit, which increases the damage inflicted and in itself looks very impressive.

«Blodwulf Shield»

As practice shows, there are very few players who use the shield in AC: Valhalla. There are a lot of them in the game, but as part of the selection, we will focus on one of the options – this is the "Blodwulf Shield", which increases the damage of the main weapon by setting it on fire.

Also, this shield has a relatively small weight.

«Skadi's Wrath»

You can find the bow in the church of Ledecester by climbing to the second-floor balcony, breaking a wooden barrier and going down to the basement with a chest.

The bow increases the chance of critical damage to the enemy when hit in vulnerable areas.

«Carolingian Longsword»

A two-handed sword that adds up to 5x the damage after each completed hit.

The sword will show itself well for all players who pump the skills of the "Bear".

You can find the sword in the "Shelter" west of Thetford-the Red Tent landmark.

«Yngling Seax»

A very interesting weapon, if you use it as an auxiliary. His damage stats are mediocre for a basic weapon, but his speed and light weight allow Eivor to turn into a "deadly tornado".

Find "Yngling Seax" in South from the "Scavenger". Find a fortification and a watchtower in the center, where you will find the blade waiting for you.

«Gungnir - Odin's Spear»

This is a spear that belonged to Odin himself, which, according to German-Norse mythology, was made by two dwarfs-svartalves, who decided to show the Gods the skills of the underground people.

In addition to the main characteristics, which are already impressive, the spear "Gungnir" is able to generate a force field, extremely effective against armored opponents and in the midst of a mass battle.

«Petra's Arc»

According to many, the «Petra's Arc» is the best ranged weapon in Valhalla.

This bow deals huge damage, and if you upgrade your ranged attack skills, you can kill even serious opponents and animals with one shot.

It can be an extremely useful tool for an assassin.

"Petra's Arc" is given as a reward for defeating 4 legendary animals, a hunter from Ravensthorpe.

«Spinning-Death Flail»

The Death Vortex is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. The chain is dangerous not only for Eivor opponents, but also for everyone around them, as it can be very problematic to cope with it.

Fast stun strikes + firebomb attack after several successful strong finishing strikes = colossal deadly destructive power.

The "Spinning-Death Flail" chain can be found in Jorvik north of the "Trading Warehouses" near the "Point of View".

«Varin’s Axe and Housecarl's Axe»

Maybe many players will argue with us, but we personally went through the entire story campaign with this couple and never regretted it.

You can get this weapon at the beginning of the game, gradually pumping / improving axes as you progress through the blacksmith's settlement.

Varina axe is a weapon that belonged to the father of Eivor that we were able to get in a fight with Archivolts.

The peculiarity of this axe is the increasing speed of blows after each hit on the enemy.

In addition to it, it is worth considering the Housecarl's Axe, which can be found among the English marshes-Utbeck in the north-eastern part of Granthebridgeshire.

We talked about this in more detail in the walkthrough-here.

The Housecarl's axe allows you to increase the power of the attack up to 10 times, which increases the chance to deliver a stunning blow and finish off the enemy.

A very effective combination for paired use, which can turn Eivor into a killing machine.

«Excalibur Greatsword»

Sword "Excalibur" is the best not only in its category, but also in general among all the weapons in the game.

To get it, you need to find 11 tablets/tablets, 8 of which are items from the "Treasures of Britain", and 3 are a reward for killing three zealots of the Order of the Ancients.

More information about the search for the sword "Excalibur" will be discussed in a separate guide.


We did not forget about the «Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer» which, like "Excalibur" is included in the category of the best weapons.

But its search is quite time-consuming and long process, which we will definitely tell you about in a separate guide.

What kind of weapons do you use and why?