Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Armor Sets | Raven Clan Armor | Magister's Armor


In this large-scale game, there are not so many types of weapons and armor, as in "The Witcher 3", but in "Valhalla" there is something to pay attention to.

There are three "Paths" in the game that determine not only the distribution of skills, but also the overall style of Eivor's combat:

  • "The Raven's Way" - hidden fighting style;
  • "The Way of the Wolf" - responsible for long-range attack, archery;
  • "The Way of the Bear" - determines the power of Avor in close combat.

Each of the archetypes (paths) offers several sets of armor and below is information about the features of each and their location.

And we'll start with the "Way of the Raven", some sets of which can be collected at the beginning of the passage of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

"The Raven's Way"

Raven Clan Armor

Raven Clan Armor

The full set is given in the first hours of the game when the warriors of your clan are released, and the last element is given to Eivor after defeating Kjotve the Cruel.

Magister's Armor

Magister s Armor

A unique approach to the distribution of bonuses with increased damage at night and in ranged combat. On the one hand, this is night stealth, on the other hand, archery is not so effective at stealth passage.

The rest is still the same image with a mask.

Where to find Magister's Armor

Hidden Ones

Hidden Ones

If we talk about the belonging of "Valhalla" to the history of the Brotherhood of Assassins, then Hidden Ones is the most suitable for the atmosphere and overall lifestyle and their credo.

It is not entirely clear what guided Ubisoft, adding masks to the game as an element of armor, not only in this set, but also in a number of other ways.

The usual hood would look more atmospheric and brutal here, and it doesn't matter that Eivor only puts it on when he enters the "red area".

Otherwise, for those who prefer a stealth walkthrough, this kit can be an excellent choice.

Where to find it Hidden Ones?

Mentor’s Armor

Mentor’s Armor

An interesting set that is well suited for players who prefer fast attacks and evasion.

Where to find it Mentor’s Armor?

Huldufolk Armor

Huldufolk Armor

This is one of the kits that can only be purchased in the in-game store for 300 credits.

A very impressive appearance of the armor, with a mask characteristic of the archetype.


So, here are all the available sets of "The Way of the Raven", which are available in the game at the moment. Tell us which one you chose or maybe prefer "The Way of the Wolf" or "The Way of the Bear"?

Sets of «The Way of the Wolf»

In Valhalla, the ranged weapon-the bow-is rarely used, and only when (for the most part) it is necessary to give a respite to Eivor to restore health.

Still, melee weapons are a more effective option.

But those players who like the sound of the bowstring and the flight of the arrow should pay attention to the sets of armor "The Way of the Wolf", which open access to a number of useful and effective bonuses in battle.

Huntsman Armor

Where to find it Huntsman Armor?

A colorful image that generally reflects the association of many with the Vikings.

Where to find it Huntsman Armor?

Galloglach Armor

Where to find it Galloglach Armor?

Draugr Armor

Draugr Armor

The set is only available in the game's in-game store.

Setsof the «Way of the Bear»

Aggressive and bloody melee combat is a joy for the Viking. And here the armor of the "Way of the Bear"can be very useful.

Brigandine Armor

Brigandine Armor

One of the best sets in the game, which increases the Eivor’s defense and damage indicators, which will be useful more than once in mass battles.

Where to find it Brigandine Armor?

Thor’s Armor

Where to find it Thor’s Armor?

The Thunder God Armor set allows you to access not only the armor, but also the legendary hammer of Thor – Mjolnir.

Where to find it Thor’s Armor?

It is also important to pay attention to the fact that in this set it is important to observe the order of finding the elements of the armor.

To get pants, armor and gloves, you need to defeat the three daughters of Lerion – very dangerous witches, for defeating which Eivor will receive a dagger for each.

In the early stages of the game, this action will not be available, and trying to poke into the lair of witches with a power level of less than 90/110/340 (for each of the witches) does not make much sense.

Thegn Armor

Where to find it Thegn Armor?

Valkyrie Armor

Valkyrie Armor

Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor

Armor of St. George

Armor of St. George