Wolfenstein Metal Collector Pin

Wolfenstein Metal Collector Pin

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A collector’s edition metal enamel pin from the Wolfenstein series. The enamel pin is from the highest quality materials available in the market today, from its metallic components to the enamel finish, it is all top notch. The enamel collectors pin features the Wolfenstein logo with bold accents. The background of the pin is of a bold red color which highlights the face holding the logo really well, amplifying its display value.

The Wolfenstein collectible pin comes in a cardboard backer card which makes it easy for the collector to manage the item when storing. The premium collectors pin is an officially licensed product which boosts its value significantly. The item is a great addition for any collection, whether you are a Wolfenstein fan, a Nintendo fan or just a generic collector; making it the perfect item to be given as a gift to anyone.