Wheel Alcantara for PC, PS4 & Xone

Wheel Alcantara for PC, PS4 & Xone

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Wheel Alcantara for PC, PS4 & Xone is made out of high quality and sturdy materials. It will be an excellent steering wheel, which you can get into your gaming setup. Then you will be provided with a realistic gaming experience.

This is a replica of the steering wheel that comes along with S99XX EVO car. It has been provided with official license by Ferrari as well. This product is manufactured within Italy. Even though this is used for gaming purposes, it has been designed in accordance to the automotive standards.

That’s why you can find how this steering wheel possess a polyurethane molding. It can deliver a flexible touch to you while boosting the comfort levels that you can receive. It also provides an internal hoop, which is made out of steel. You can receive a true driving sensation out of it.