The Witcher-Eredin Action Figure

The Witcher-Eredin Action Figure

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Funko Pop Games recreate a small action figure of a very important and iconic character such as Eredin, the king of the wild hunt, thus being the villain and identity of nightmares, from the television series and video game The Witcher, is this one of the best games they have created over the past few years. This character’s identity was not known, but little by little it was accumulated with the series data while it was developed, so it helped the public to identify this character. A vinyl figure that maintains all the details relentlessly that the character has on, such as shades in red and black that divide the rather legendary costume, also the dimensioning of the shoulder pads and the sword that characterizes it, thanks to the fact that it is rotating you can move its head to both sides, and it is a bit funny compared to the size and terror that the character in the series produces, to this little action figure.

The teeth have a fairly beautiful and intense silver color that gives good sensations when you see it, it is known that it is not a product made of poor quality. The helmet is made of a delicate plastic, but still of good value, and the details of the helmet itself can be bent a little and keep its original shape and quality. The armor of this action figure is quite specific to the actual version of Eredin.

It is made with very excellent materials to ensure the duration of the action figure, either to play with it or for people who are video game lovers who collect all the figures. Even all collectors speak of this figure as the most expected one to finish their entire series collection with all the characters.

It is not recommended that children handle this figure due to its delicate details, as they could break it, despite being small, light in weight and very easy to handle. It is very well proportioned around the whole figure. This product is aimed at a +17 audience.

Its packaging is simple, just a box that shows the figure on all sides, and behind it shows the other collectible figures in the series. Inside, the product comes inside a plastic packaging, which is not tied to anything so it is easy to separate. The delivery arrives just in time and in perfect condition, whether you are going to use it as a personal collectible figure or consider giving it to someone. It is a very good gift for acquaintances who are lovers of this video game, they will appreciate and be touched by having this action figure in their hands.

Besides being made of good quality, it has a completely wonderful dug, which many people have defined as one of the best products that Funko Pop has launched, compared to its previous ones, its price is quite accessible to everyone, which is the best part of it all.