The Witcher 3 White Wolf Bi-Fold Wallet

The Witcher 3 White Wolf Bi-Fold Wallet

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The creations made by fans of The Witcher never cease to amaze us. They recreate all kinds of elements with all the details they possess without leaving aside any of them, they are replicas very similar to the original elements that can be seen in the saga. This time JINX offers the wallet with the wolf medallion on the front in the front. Much like the original, it is brown and only available in one size. The logo is the main feature of this wallet.

It has quite delicate and a good quality that make the experience with this wallet much better. Despite being a wallet based on the design of the saga, it is still quite useful, it has a pocket to store cash, and a special pocket for any type of identification that is covered by a translucent material so that the identification is easy enough to see. Besides other 5 pockets for any type of card.

It’s made of a resistant material that at first glance could be assumed to be leather. A completely good quality product in all aspects, both material, and design. It is a very spacious wallet so it will be quite useful.

The fans of the saga recognize the good quality of the product and recommend it to other fans. It is a very characteristic element of the saga and when any fan obtains it, is very enchanted with it. It gives a quite magical and unmatched feeling that only products based on the saga can create. It is used for any type of gift or detail that you do not have planned, any fan of the saga will find it very useful apart from being fascinated with having this portfolio.

It has a fairly considerable price within the comfort range, its price is worth what the product offers without a doubt. It does not weigh at all and its size is quite comfortable and it fits in any type of pocket especially of the pants, although some people have said that it is a little longer than they expected, but it was not a problem in the end.

There is no deception in the product because it looks the same as the images that they offer you. It is a very elegant product and has a very good appearance.

The Witcher fans are one of the most dedicated and super lovers among all fans of any fandom. The replicas that make all the details of the series are quite magical and leaves anyone delighted, they make them with a lot of effort and dedication, so the finish of any product that has been made so far is considered one of the best products they have ever made. If you are a lover of the series you will not regret the purchase of this wallet and you will want to acquire this and many other products. Do not stay out of style and buy it immediately. Fully recommended.