Shirt Ladies: Gamer Girl

Shirt Ladies: Gamer Girl

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A ladies racerback top showing out the phrase "Gamer Girl" to its viewers.

Designed and manufactured by Comical Shirts the shirt is fit for a variety of wearers and occasions. The item is quite popular among female gamers and especially amongst female streamers that like to showcase their passion to their viewers.

The top is made from premium quality materials to ensure maximum durability and comfort. With the ratio of 60% cotton to 40% polyester allowing users to feel comfortable without excessively wrinkling when worn as it is a common problem when dealing with high cotton fabrics.

The top is front and back colourblocked to have a uniform colour palette and gamer girl is shown in either black or white depending on the background. The sizes are available all the way from X-small to XX-large allowing a wide diversity of people to enjoy wearing.