Oculus Touch - Virtual reality controllers

Oculus Touch - Virtual reality controllers

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Virtual reality was brought to its peak. Oculus Touch is a pair of controllers that give you a better sense of manual presence, so you will feel almost completely in the game, from vision to hand movements or actions you have to do with them. The interaction these controls handle takes you to the next level.

They are manageable within single-person or multiplayer games. You can touch, shoot in case of handling weapons, point, shake, among other manual actions. These actions have never been experienced this way in virtual reality.

The precision that these controls handle has very good quality as well as the sensations it produces. You can hold all kinds of objects with complete firmness and very naturally, blocks, lasers, toys, among other objects within the virtual space that the game offers.

These controls also bring the buttons which we are familiar with, managing within virtual reality, so they create a much better experience when paired with the controls thanks to the sensations they leave.

The sensors allow you to see your hands in-game for yourself, where you can touch the sensor with your index fingers and see how it moves and handle it in a very natural way. You can grab whatever you want with the controls without any problem. This is a more complete experience than the virtual world used to be.

You can add three sensory cameras that make them cover the actions within 360 degrees, so you can play comfortably without worrying about not moving somewhere where the sensors do not reach. These sensors can be encompassed by any type of tripod. However, these controls are only sold with a single sensory camera.

When using them with the function of a weapon, you only have to point and shoot with the buttons, when reloading you only fold the controls downwards so that the bullets recharge.

The movements that you have to do with the controls for the actions in the game do not require much effort, it has great sensitivity so it is exactly like doing the action in real life, very natural movements that flow quite well. Even playing ping pong in multiplayer is quite fun.

To create a more complete experience when acquiring the controls, these brands, besides having the sensory cameras available, offer you headphones to make the sounds more pure and exact, so you will feel immersed within the platform.

All its features allow you to be completely wrapped up in virtual reality, which will leave you wanting not to return to the real world. Recreate very real feelings for players in all kinds of situations and any action you take. When playing with all the products, the experiences will never be equaled to another type of virtual experience. Fully recommended if you are a fan of video games and more in virtual reality mode.

It is a very good option to complete the games and even more so if it is among friends. A product that is very entertaining just by imagining it.