Handmade Bear Head Medallion

Handmade Bear Head Medallion

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The creators of The Witcher maintain an impeccable saga that no matter how long it passes, it is still very present for the entire public, so it can be said that it has not gone out of style. All kinds of companies have made different versions of all kinds of details for fans so they can continue to be fascinated with the saga. From action figures of its characters to elements that are seen in the series that are quite iconic and legendary from it.

In this opportunity, we bring the bear medal that belongs to the bear school which precedes witches, best known for providing the strength they possess and the battles they face. This locket comes in two colors like silver and gold-like color. Made with Nickel material, quite resistant, although it can be considered a bit heavy it is better since it gives the feeling of being of better quality, which is. The finish of this product is much better compared to other medallions that are available on amazon.

The details that it handles in terms of brightness, and the stones that are in the eyes, which their color varies depending on the lighting that it obtains, make it highly desired among fans of the saga. It is fascinating in the same way that the relationship that the original necklace that can be seen in the series is, because they very delicately recreated all the bear and the details it has.

It is a very important necklace within the saga, and fans wear it in the same way as a necklace they can take with them everywhere. It is a highly recommended product among all fans of The Witcher, it is a fairly iconic element of the series and when it released for sale was very well received by the public.

This product is available in two versions, medium and large, so you can buy the model you prefer and which one you think best suits your style. However, their sizes are not so large so they do not get all the attention which turns out well, it looks like a detail that you are wearing.The bear does not come with a chain, so if you want to use it as a necklace you should buy your chain, but in case you only want to leave it as a decorative item it is perfect.

The material is antioxidant so it resists direct contact with the sun or in cases when it can get wet. The box in which the product comes has a quite elegant style and according to the theme of the product.

The quality of the product is quite noticeable, so when you buy the bear you will not have any type of complaint or disappointment. It covers all the expectations that can be created and it is a good product to give to a fan that is in tune with the series, it is a small detail that they can have and it will very valuable for the person.