Geralt Playing Gwent

Geralt Playing Gwent

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Geralt is the main character in the television and video game series The Witcher, who was trained from a very young age to assassinate and destroy all enemy monsters found in the villages and is one of the few witches who they remain on the continent.

Fans of the series The Witcher know of the existence of the game Gwent, which is a card game dominated by disappointment and deception in order to take victory on the table. That is why Dark Horse Comics has been in charge of taking all these physical appearance of the character in a concentrated way in the game, with iconic expressions and turning them into one of the most desired busts, in such a way that it is a limited edition.

It is made of holystone material and has a very comfortable weight of 3 pounds. Its packaging is just as attractive as the bust, in a rather elegant matt black tone which on its sides shows the symbol of the protagonist's necklace and on the front an image of this figure. Inside the bag, the figure is protected by resistant anime that surround it to avoid any type of damage to it.

The colors they possess create a fabulous sensation due to the hints of brilliance, this product was made with a good quality finish, so for fans is impossible not to acquire.

The product is manufactured with a certificate of authenticity to give buyers the confidence that it is completely original and the security of receiving counterfeit products.

What characterizes this product is the look and concentration that was equaled to the video game or series, while Geralt plays Gwent. Besides the quality of the character in terms of armor, such as the small details with the curves that it has, the color and details as in the letters, the character's necklace, the eyes, the hair, and in one of the swords displayed there is the head of two snakes, and the other with the respective finishes on the tips of these.

Virtually everything done makes it very well seen and received by the entire public. The character's scar was perfectly recreated and the color of the eyes gives a magical touch to both the character and the figure.

It was only recreated from the waist up so it is set in a large black circle that helps stability and a better size for the product. At the bottom of this circle is the series icon.

Touching it feels quite safe and leaves a good feeling. It is a delicate product just by looking at it.

Anyone who is a fan of The Witcher considers this bust quite necessary to have, it is iconic. And it can be considered as a good gift for any friend or close friend if you want to make a special detail for the person. All fans commented on this product as very well made and recreated item.