Funko Medic Pop Games Vinyl Figure

Funko Medic Pop Games Vinyl Figure

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The Funko Medic pop vinyl figure is manufactured Funko which is well versed in the art of pop figures. The Medic pop figure is a bundle from their Fallout series that is loved by many. The pop figure comes in a protective box upon shipping which includes a pop protector display box inside that adds to its collectors’ value, the pop protector box will protect your Medic vinyl pop figure from environmental damage. The bright colors of the pop figure aren’t too flashy but certainly give a sense of light to the toy. Its peel-able protective film will allow you to put the pop figure on display with ease, whether its on your desk top, windowsill or shelf. The figure stands in at a height of 3 ¾ inches which allows it to blend into many combinations of collections with ease. The push-lock tab of the pop figure gives a sense of structural integrity to the figure resisting it against accidental breakage.