Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses for Raves

Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses for Raves

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When looking for accessories to look great you can find many of these. However, if you want to look really different and get everyone's attention you will have to be more selective when looking for an accessory to complete your outfit. And a very fun way to do that is by purchasing these Customizable Bluetooth LED Glasses from CHEMION.

These new glasses are the first LED glasses in the world that can be customized. It works by displaying any message, animation, or drawing you want on the glasses' screen. You can do this via Bluetooth connection with your smartphone and the previously downloaded CHEMION application.

All customizations and functions are done from the free application. You can have texts projected, create animations, equalize the image projection, and explore your expression through the lights. From the app, you can even access other programs made by other users and have them projected on your glasses, or if you want you can share your texts or animations so that others have access to them.

These CHEMIONs are powered by AAA batteries, which are included in the purchase of the product. It also includes the user's manual, a travel bag, and an elastic band. There may be other glasses that project lights with texts or animations, but no other glasses have this LED technology, which has 210 units, which can be adjusted up to 3 levels of intensity.

Make the most of every function to get the most out of your LED glasses. With the Text function, you can customize the message you want to reflect on the screen. In case you want to project an image, use the Creator function. To give it a sound background you can use the Equalizer function, and to share and explore texts use the Explorer function.

With the Creator function, you can create texts, animations, and images directly from the CHEMION web browser. Once you finish making your image, animation, or text, just save it and download it to your Smartphone through the application.

As for the CHEMION app, you can find it for free in the app store of your Android or iOS device. It is compatible with Android 4.4.2 or higher and iOS 7 or higher devices. Once you have the app on your device you can pair your glasses via Bluetooth and access the different features described above to customize the display of your LED glasses.

So don't keep looking for other lenses or other accessories to catch your eye and express what you are. With these CHEMION LED glasses, you will no longer go unnoticed at any party, event, or concert. Even if you want to use them to walk on the street and express yourself to everyone, just set up your glasses and simply go out and surprise everyone. However, you have to treat these glasses very carefully, after all, we are talking about a light screen, and for its price, it is better to treat them very carefully, but enjoying its personality at all times.