12 Inch Shuffleboard Table

12 Inch Shuffleboard Table

A table with one of the best qualities you can find in the market. Despite being an old game, the Fairview company has been in charge of restoring this board at its best so that people can make the most of it.

The characteristics a board must have to be considered one of the best to be able to play shuffleboard, is to maintain an orderly structure marked on the surface of the board, which has specific curves and a good level so that a fair game can be played. Besides the standard size that is considered comfortable enough to enjoy a good game is 12 feet and 20 inches. All these specifications are handled perfectly by the Fairview table.

Although this is considered a proportional size to enjoy a good game, it is ideal that you consider all the sizes in comparison of the space where this table will be located.

The scoring system that operates this table is adjusted on the surface, compared to others that bring the scoring system to one part of the structure so that when it is assembled it is adjusted.

The pieces that this board brings to the game are classic round pieces, however, some come in different sizes and shapes, made of plastic or wood.

Even though all the boards are made of wood, there is a level range between the different types of wood used to make them, because maple, oak or mahogany are considered the best quality woods for the manufacture of these boards, for the durability and sense of security that it gives.

But, of course, the best quality woods are much more expensive than a basic wood, which maintains a price within the accessible range.

Whether the pieces slide smoothly depends on the shape and quality in which the surface is polished. Polishing the surface with polymer is the most common way for this type of board because it has a quite useful finish that leaves no complaints about users, it protects the surface very well so that there are no scratches or bumps on it.

The table has legs that make it perfectly leveled, which is quite an important point when considering purchasing a good game table. Besides that, it allows you to change the height of the table so that you are completely comfortable with it.

It contains a cabinet where the pieces are kept and all kinds of instruments implemented when using the table to play. It is a fairly stylish and safe cabinet that keeps the pieces in good condition so that with good use you will not have losses or any other type of inconvenience.

Here you can not only save the pieces that the game brings with the purchase but extra pieces that you acquire to have a better experience in the game, with any type of accessory that you want.

Despite being of quality materials, it is not wrong to buy a protector that you can cover the table with so that it stays clean and impeccable.